Tired of boring old plain‐text fields that don’t let you do anything fun? Have a craving for some typographical excitement? Need proof that Unicode is an unholy abomination? Look no further than Unicode Pizza, a webapp that takes your text and makes it difficult to read!

Unicode Pizza has a simple input/output user interface, with a bar of available text transforms in the middle. Transforms include uppercase, lowercase, blackboard or double‐struck bold, fraktur, fullwidth, monospace, sans‐serif, script, bold, and italic. Some transforms can be combined, for example, script and bold.
Unicode Pizza has ten toppings, many of which can be combined

Unicode Pizza uses a set of toggleable transforms, called toppings, that shift the codepoints of most seven‐bit characters up to selected Unicode blocks with predefined styles. Output text can be copied into plain‐text inputs and retain its appearance—particularly useful for chat apps like Skype and Discord.