A couple years ago, some people who are famous on the Internet gathered ‘round a computer and recorded the first episode of the Google Trends Show, which is both entertaining and likely inappropriate to view at work. By the time season two rolled about, it was consistent enough to play with your friends, and I made a webapp that helps you do just that.

The user interface on a smartphone keeps the control interface at the bottom of the screen for easy access. As the screen size increases, the control area moves to the right of the screen, with a scrollable search history on the left.
An adaptive layout keeps the game controls conveniently located

The game provides the core ruleset, and keeps track of score as well as the game history. Game information is stored in the browser, so an accidental refresh won’t wipe everything out. And, the UI is designed to scale up—you could pass around a phone to play, but why not just put it up on a TV?